A New Chapter in 2020 — Marion Vogel to pursue new endeavors

“The foundation would like to thank Marion for all her years of hard work, building the æternity Crypto Foundation from the ground up and leading it to become this supportive pillar of the aeternity ecosystem for tech and community builders. We are excited to see what she will be up to next,” says Peter Schnürer, Board Member at the æternity Crypto Foundation.

“Seeing æternity grow from its beginnings into the technological ecosystem it is today has been the most fulfilling aspect of taking part in this journey,” Marion says. “With æternity all set and stable, I will now pursue new endeavors. I would like to speak out a big thank you to the team, the community, and all other parties that have supported the project from day one as well as those who joined along the way. It has been a challenging yet fantastic journey the past years and I look forward to seeing the project’s further evolution.

I am confident that the ecosystem will keep growing and remain strategically invested in the project.” she continues.

“She will be etched in æternity history as one of the movers upon which this ecosystem was built,” Emin Mahrt, Board Member of the foundation asserts.



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